Eat Healthy – Get Fit

Choose an eating plan that you’ll want to stick to. If you make your plan too tough to stick to (lots of foods that you don’t usually like or won’t cook) then it’s a bad plan for you.

Try drinking a cup of soup before lunch or dinner. This will help you feel full quicker. Try soups like tomato, chicken broth, etc. Don’t select creamy soups.

basket diet foodsDrink at least eight glasses of water a day. This will also help stop you over eating.

Eat a lot of fruit and veggies.

Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

If you really must have your favorite heavy food, it’s okay to have it now and again. This will stop you from craving it. But only eat a tiny amount. Do not do this more than once a week. It’s too easy for a mini taste every few days to turn into a huge taste every couple of hours.

diet fitnessDon’t reward yourself with unhealthy snacks. If your goal is 30 pounds you could try to reward yourself every 5 pounds you lose. Don’t give yourself a tasty dessert for reaching your 5 pounds, think about something like a trip to the cinema or your favorite band’s latest album. Whatever means a lot and feels like a positive reward to you that isn’t food, that’s what you should think about doing.

Go easy on your portions. Our western society tends to super-size everything. This isn’t good if you are trying to be fit and healthy. Eat your dinner on a smaller plate instead of a large supper plate. This will help you better assess your portion sizes.

Don’t keep serving bowls on the table while you eat. It’s too tempting to see it and help yourself to extra portions. Do not go to the grocery store when you are hungry… you’ll end up buying too many snacks and quick meals.

Make sure you get a good range of vitamins and minerals. Take a multi-vitamin, they’re a great way to maximize what you might be missing from your diet. Sometimes when people change their eating habits, they don’t get enough of the vitamins their body needs.